Travel Montana back roads ... 

… to visit artists at work in their studios.

Many artists live just beyond town boundaries and work away in their studios, packed full of organized chaos, magic, work-in-progress, cast offs, successful experiments, displays, and more.

Artists, artisans, and crafters intensely pursue sometimes exciting, sometimes tedious artistic expression. They are eager to show you their artwork, share their passion, and explain their art process. 

You are invited to visit them all.

Jewelers, creating their reflective or matte adornments.

Ceramicists, striving for new colors to emerge in the final stages of firing.

Glass blowers, turning and turning to capture the colorful shape they desire.

Painters, capturing new colors within nearby high prairie plains, mountainous landscapes, river valleys, and iconic landmarks and buildings.

Fabric and fiber artists, examining twigs and leaves to integrate into their tactile creations.  

And more.

How many artists does Montana have?

We're going to find out.

Take some time to explore online and on the road.  

Discover a new appreciation for the arts in Montana.  

New friends and Montana experiences await you.

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